Where can I get an ITV digital monkey?

We get emailed asking this question from Monkeymania's fabulous readers more than we get emails offering breast enlargements/reductions and viagra. Where can I get the illusive ITV digital monkey?

Thanks to us, hundreds of you have now been given the chance to own your very own monkey from the UK license holders the Gadget Shop. Unfortunately however, they have now sold out! And to top it all off, The Gadget Shop closed down soon afterwards! Told you to be quick! However see below for monkeys currently available on eBay!

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But where can I get an "original" sidekick monkey?

Gadgetshop have the UK rights to the ITV digital monkey, and have come up with a number of great witty monkey T-shirts which Monkey proudly wears. However, the "original" Monkeys had a "sidekick" T-shirt as seen on the television adverts with Johnny Vegas. These are no longer available to buy new, however with the magic of e-bay you should be able to find one. Better still, we'll help you!

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