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Welcome Monkeyfans: back to Monkeymania - the home of monkey business!

Many of you email us to ask what "Monkey" is doing now that ITV digital has gone down the pan, and that the BBC is using that abysmal bunch of IMPOSTERS to market their own digital service. We're proud to at last be able to answer your queries.

Monkey features in a new cookery series, not to be shown on TV (SKY, digital or otherwise) but to be shown exclusively to our friends via the world's 'monkiest' website, Monkeymania!

Click here for Monkey's kitchen!

ITV Digital Monkeys! Available again! Click here for details

New posters in the Monkeymania Postershop!

The Monkeymania postershop has, since it's introduction, always been successful and has put loads of happy people in touch with some great primate pics and art prints. We are pleased to announce that we've been able to give this section a major revamp, with yet more quality posters (there are some real crackers in there this time) so please do take a moment to pop in and see what's going on! Remember, our partner, Allposters, can deliver throughout the US and worldwide! And quickly too!


Subtle (ahem!) mention for our friends:

UK residents can now call overseas including most of Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other destinations, with no accounts to open, no credit cards and no fuss! Just dial 0870 794 7990 followed by your full destination number and that's it! You're connected. For full details, take a look at

Brand new Monkey (Magic) Mania

The Monkey Magic pages here at Monkey Mania have, since the site launched last year, been one of the most popular features. I'm pleased to say that, after much candle-burning, the sub-site has been redeveloped from scratch and is now online.

Updated Monkey Links

We have more monkey links than you can shake a stick at - in fact it's the largest collection of monkey related links on the internet - and we're adding more all the time.  We feature links on primate care and conservation projects, monkey picture sites, comedy sites and even links to sites about everyone's favourite ITV Digital mascot: Monkey!

Monkey Mania!

You may have noticed that those lovely people at Sony Playstation (not bought one yet) have brought out a game called Eye Toy Monkey Mania! Well clearly since we've been here giving out high quality (?!) monkey information for almost five years, this game was written in tribute to us! So thankyou Sony!

Little Britain - Series 1 [2003]

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