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Click on the game icons to download some free monkey games. Some great games on offer here so click on the icons to download 'em and have some fun!

New! Monkeyshine adventure game! Bonzo is an adventuresome ape, and always seems to get into trouble. He's really done it this time, and wakes up after a heavy night on the jungle juice to find himself in a haunted house, with strange creatures all around. Can you get Bonzo back home to his family ?
Download monkey shine adventure!

Download Quincy v Columbo! Quincey vs Columbo super monkey hurling duel! This is a two player game where the players take on the role of Quincey and Columbo in a duel to the death hurling super samari exploding monkeys at each other! Other obstacles come in the shape of other characters from the two series! Great fun and definitely worth downloading!



New! Monkey Swing! In this game you use your mouse to swing between the vines to reach the other side and safety. However you must look out for "mad" monkeys trying to kill you (run into these at your peril!) and ruthless snakes hiding in the vines! Download Monkey Swing!


Download Primate Soccer Pro! Primate Soccer Pro! Billed jokingly as "the most realistic football sim ever" it is a lot more fun than most it has to be said. Primate Soccer pro is a wicked little game with *Incredible technicolour graphics * Truly Incredible authentic primate sounds! * Realistic ball trajectory detection! * An incredible lack of mind-numbing statistics! Again, well worth downloading!


Download Saru Whack! Saru Whack! In Japanese, 'Saru' literally means 'monkey'. Now as we're a monkey friendly site we cannot support cruelty to monkeys, but in this game you get to whack monkeys that pop out of the holes, a bit like whack a mole games. One of our more popular downloads!

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