Here at Monkey's prizes cupboard we have many wonderful prizes this month, including brand new computers, over £10,000 in CASH prizes, cool cars, even a chance to win the big one: £1,000,000 Tempted? There's much more besides!  A few moments of your time, and who knows?  You could be the lucky one!

We guarantee these competitions are completely FREE to enter - you don't buy or pay for ANYTHING  

Each competition will open in a new window, so once you've entered, why not come back and enter the next one?  Good luck!

The Daily Draw - 2 FREE DAILY chances to win a MILLION

The Daily Draw is a daily lottery with a top prize of £1,000,000 !  It's free to play and if you're lucky enough to match 6 numbers, a million quid is yours!  There are also prizes for match 5 and match 4 - plus an additional draw for a cash prize that must be won soon! A million pound prize has already been paid out by Daily Draw, so you really could be next!

Monkey would play the daily draw twice daily, if he wasn't a monkey and  was over 16 that is!

Myoffers: The UK's premier prize site

MyOffers have given away well over £900,000 in prizes! and this month they are offering a fantastic selection of dream holidays, cars and several chances to win £500 cash or even £600 cash!  There are plenty of opportunities to win here!

The Daily Quiz: Give your brain a work-out!

There are cool prizes to be won every day at the Daily Quiz so why not give your luck a whirl and you could walk away with some of the fabulous free prizes - including digital camcorders!

Consumerhouse give you the chance to win a car!

Click here for your chance to win this fabulous car!

Would you like a Peugeot 306 Cabriolet? I know I would!  Well, this could be your lucky day - your chance to win this fantastic car is but a mouse click away and remember SOMEONE has to win, so it might just as well be you!!   They have literally hundreds of other really fantastic prizes to give away too, so you'd be a real wally not to click!!   Go on, you know you want to!  What have you got to lose?  Nothing, thought so, so click away!

Oddbins - the chance to win some fine booze!

Fill in your details at, and you could some fine wines and holiday experiences! What are you waiting for?


More competitions next month, click here for the main Monkeymania menu!   Best of luck

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