Stuff that you will need Monkey!

Muffin Tray (modelled by Munkeh!) 1. Muffin tray (deep bun tray), or alternatively, some muffin papers (Rizlas will not do) Wooden spoon 2. Wooden spoon. (don't be tempted to use a metal one, monkey!)
Free range eggs 3. One medium - size 3 - egg.  If you are concerned over the quality of your egg, this advice from Sainsbury's may be appropriate Be-Ro - the flour of the professional 4. 100g of Plain Flour (Monkey recommends 'Be-Ro', though you may use other brands).
Monkey and silver spoon sugar 5. 50g of cane sugar. Source of Moo Juice 6. Six tbsp milk.
Rumford Baking Powder - New York - Paris - Peckham 7. 2 tsp of baking powder, and also 25g of Margerine (any brand - Echo is no longer available, except in the cookery underground). Monkey peeling a banana 8. 1 to 2 lovely bananas.

Got all that??  Great!  Let's go! Click here for cooking method!


Recipe by : Munkeh
Bananas supplied by : Wm Morrison Supermarkets, Bradford (Monkey says "More reasons to shop at Morrisons" !)
Hair by : S.P. Titvank


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