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Welcome to Monkey's cookery site!

Welcome to monkey's very own cookery site!


Welcome to Monkey's cookery site!

It's been a sorry tale of woe for Monkey since being made redundant from ITV Digital.
However now things are different, Monkey has a purpose, a new opportunity... a new future!

Here Monkey shows you that cooking is so easy, an ape could do it. As indeed they often do, on
BBC2 on selected weekday nights. Watch and learn as Monkey puts Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and
Ainsley Harriot well and truly in their place. Expect the first book in time for Christmas....




Recipe added 01/12/2003


Click here for the recipe and method as Monkey guides you in creating one of his favourite tea-time snacks!!

Quite contrary to popular demand, there's another great Monkey's Kitchen coming soon! Certainly beats the likes of Gary Rhodes (actually a chimpanzee) and Gordon Ramsey... even though Gordon Ramsey's quite a cool guy.... and not a monkey.



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